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Author: Subject: Computers, cell phones, tv, games ect...
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[*] posted on 1-7-2011 at 07:05 PM
Computers, cell phones, tv, games ect...

I know were all in the times of things that makes our lives easy. But come on! I mean yeah ok I do love sitting on the computer for hours on end playing games that get me no where in life. But I do break away from it all and it seems some people dont. We all run our lives based off 3 things Face book, twitter and our cell phones. when was the last time any one has had a serious conversation with someone that did not involve a computer or a cell phone?
And some of these things have taken away from other things that we like to do like here for example.. everyone goes on fb and the fourm world is kinda at a huge loss now. Heck i dont even know anyone that uses aim anymore.
The thing that really got me on this whole rant is my brother came over the other day with his new phone and he knows i love to ghost hunt and hes like look at this app i can find ghosts for ya you dont even have to leave the house anymore. I just sat there like a slacked jawed idiot.. I felt special just cause my cell can take video.

Then i look at fb and i see nothing but crap. Yeah i'm on it daily like everyone else but realy who cares if your at mcdonalds or your house or work or anything for that matter! And no one really talks its all just mindless chatter about jack shit. I think if I see one more TGIF status i'm gunna rip out their souls and feed it to my cat! Or the people who are in a relationship then single then in a relationship then single then compcated then divorced then in another relationship Just pick one already!!!!!! Those truth games oh tehy are the worst i have 50 updates a day saying someone thinks your cute anwaser thses questions about your friends to see who said it! REALLY?????? FFS ppl get a grip on reality. Its called a book they are just as good and full of drama without you getting involved!

Heres an idea for everyone in the world... UNPLUG FOR 24HRS no electronics anywhere you go. The thing I hate the most is eating in a resturant and someone typing away at their computer and then there cell rings and they anwser it talk as loud as they can and ignor the staff when they ask them to quiet down.

Ok this comcludes my rant for the next 5 years. Please I hope no one took offence to any of this. Like I said i do sit on the computer as well but I do tend to get off it. I never even use it on weekends. I just needed to vent for a while

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[*] posted on 2-7-2011 at 12:40 AM

I see your point here.
I am one of those people because I now have an Android phone so I am always connected.
I try to spend some time on the computer every day, but a lot of times I forget to go on.
We should get some more traffic here so I have a reason to be on my computer every day.

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